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Kim’s Food Olympic Torch Relay 2012

Kim’s Food Olympic Torch Relay 2012

On the 23rd of July, we were very fortunate to have the torch relay take place at our very doorstep; a momentous day we had been anticipating for several weeks. Gabriella Roseje, the chosen torchbearer known for her significant contribution to the Wooden Spoon’s Children’s Charity, bore the Torch through the Borough of Merton.

All employees took the afternoon off to join in with the celebrations and party hosted by Kims’ Food in the surprising, but wonderful sunny weather. Forty-five minutes of anxious waiting and watching numerous police and paramedic vehicles pass by, was relieved when the torch came into sight. An immediate joyous cheer erupted from the surrounding crowds. As we took advantage of the height in the front yard; everyone had a fabulous and unbeatable view. Seeing the whole array of promotional vehicles, camera crews, British crowds and more importantly the switch over of the touch right in front of us was really a once in a lifetime experience.
As the switch over of the torch about to commences, we seized the opportunity to have pictures taken with the torchbearer. If you would like to see some of the pictures and videos we took of the event, you can visit our Youtube channel.

After the eventful and exhilarating day, everyone at Kim’s Food returned the next day feeling fully refreshed and motivated, now all patiently waiting for opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

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