About Kim's Food

Kim’s Food was founded in 1993 and became the first crispy duck pancakes automated manufacturer in the UK to achieve and maintain ‘Global BRCGS Certification’. Specializing in Chinese pancakes, our factory occupies 20,000 sq. ft and employs over 40 people. Our unique fully automated machinery together with Kim’s dedication in quality control, enables us to produce 80,000 pancakes per hour. This achievement marks Kim’s food as the market leader within the Oriental food industry as no other Chinese pancakes manufacturer can compete with this level of capability in crispy duck pancakes production.

In recent years, the demand and range of Oriental foods have increased dramatically. Following this trend, Kim’s food have expanded their product range from purely Chinese pancakes to a product range with over 10 different types of pre-prepared chicken & beef products. All of which are the most popular products and are ‘key’ ingredients to the a wide range of Oriental food dishes as well being suitable for all a range of other cuisines and food chain sectors.

In 2010, Kim’s food have also expanded the size of their quick freeze storage to 3,000 sq. ft. Allowing Kim’s food to have for better stock control and better delivering capability in short notice.

Kim’s Story: Where it all began

IIt It all began when Kim was running a modest Chinese restaurant in Richmond when Chinese food supplies were limited. Crispy duck pancakes were constantly short of supplies and without it, you cannot serve ‘crispy duck’ which was and still is the favourite Chinese dish in the UK. Kim decided to make his own Chinese pancakes but at the time, he was only making Chinese pancakes for his own restaurant and never thought of supplying to others.

Word of mouth got around the Chinese restaurants in the area and soon they all started to buy Chinese pancakes from Kim. At the time, it was all hand made and Kim could not possibly roll out enough Chinese pancakes for himself and others. Which is where the story began, Kim decided to make his own Chinese pancake machine and from then on, he never looked back!

Our Aim

With the constant demand for new dishes from the ready meals Industry, we aim to work with you to create new ideas to serve your market.

Our Company Commitment to Quality

We aim to produce a high quality product for our customers at all times by:

Producing product that is safe, legal and fit for purpose

Meeting stringent food safety, product quality and legal compliance regulations

Maintaining proactive relationships with customers and suppliers

Sustaining an internal quality culture

Exceeding customer expectations

Ensuring a total commitment to provide cost-effective products and services


Crispy duck with pancakes is the most popular chinese dish in the uk! Kim’s food pancakes are used in 450,000 portions of crispy duck per week!


Kim’s food was the first to launch 6 pieces of pancakes per pack to customers in 1994. setting the standard for the perfect amount of pancakes served per portion. of course, at Kim’s we can also customise any packaging requirements at your request.