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Factory 2.0: The Final Countdown on external built

Factory 2.0: The Final Countdown on external built

The new factory is now in the third and final stage of completion, after many months of hard work and dedication. Sheets of metal have been used as the walls to ensure complete protection from the harsh weather conditions. This new factory, with almost an entire floor dedicated to freezer space, will boast of many new production areas.

As a team effort, many of our dedicated production staff also helped contribute to building this factory, by moving planks of wood, shifting production materials and even laying down the foundations for the new freezer.

Most notably, the director Kim Tu himself helped by working together with the construction team, from creating the floor plan to the internal lining of the factory. He has overseen this project from start to finish and will not stop until it is completed.

Final external stage will be achieved when the substation is installed in October, the freezer fitted and the final cables linked up.

By Jessica Tu

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