Samosa Pastry

We have developed a traditional Homestyle Samosa pastry to meet your expectation. Read More

kim's Food Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

There are many spare ribs in the market, but not all are suitable for our production line. Read More

Crispy Duck Pancakes

Attractive, perfectly round and consistent in quality, shape, size, thickness and texture. Read More

Spring Roll Pastry

A timesaving and easy to handle product for Spring Rolls and Samosas. Read More

Fried / Frozen C Weed

A perfect starter can be created to complement you Chinese meal. Read More

Chilli Beef Strips

Heat them up, combine with the sauce and they are ready to be served. Read More

Sesame Prawn Toast

We use only the highest quality sticky prawns to provide the best flavour. Read More

Battered Prawns

The finest tiger prawns covered with a light crispy batter. Read More

Hong Kong Style Pork & Chicken

At Kims food, we are the specialist in pre-prepared battered meats. Read More

Kim’s Battered Chicken Fillet & Balls

We can produce our chicken fillet with light batter or with bread crumbs. Read More