Immediately after the demolition of the existing building Posted: 30/04/14

Our construction team worked tirelessly throughout rain and severely harsh weather conditions in order to commence the assembly of the new building, inserting steel frames to encircle an area of 10,000 square feet.

Following the main structure of the frame and the several tonnes of cement, the shape of the build was finally forming.


Before erecting the final beam, a traditional Chinese ceremony “BAI SUN” was carried out. This was an offering to the Gods in hope of success and growth.

The contribution consisted of:
Three incenses were burnt, each resembling, “Business is always prospering”,
A good luck charm named “Da Li” represented “Lots of Wealth”
The clementines symbolized “Lots of Luck”

Hope this simple but essential ceremony will ensure continue success of the company.

This post was written by Kirsty Tu