Chinese Pancake Prices Posted: 22/08/11

In 2010-2011, cost of raw ingredients have soared, due to increase in oil prices, VAT increase as well as the weak pound have made it very difficult for UK manufacturing across all sectors. The main ingredient wheat flour for our Chinese pancakes have increased in price by 200% within the past 8 months.  This has ultimately put tremendous pressure on price increase.  In which, our competitors have been forced to increase their prices by 10% to 15%.

Kim’s food have announced in our most recent TV advertising campaign that as the leader in Chinese pancakes manufacturing. Kim’s Chinese pancake prices will remain the same!

In a statement released by Kim, Director of Kim’s Food, ‘Kim’s food will not increase our prices’ ‘Our Chinese pancakes prices will remain the same and for as long as we can.  It is of course very difficult for us to run, but we have made changes and cuts in order to maintain our prices to our customers.  We have a long term pledge to all our customers and that we know they are suffering as well.  If we can help by maintaining our prices then we will and work together to get through this economic crisis.’

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